Eighth Grade Drama


Working above state standards, my Eighth Grade Drama course works with all state Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALR) for the 9th and 10th grade level. The following units are studied: 1) Shakespeare Review and Scene Research (interdisciplinary work with the Eighth Grade English Course taught by a colleague), 2) Developing and Performing a Shakespeare Scene (primary scripts rotate between “Hamlet,” “Julius Caesar,” and “Merchant of Venice,” 3) One week play creation, 4) Play Production, 5) The One-Act-Play Festival (interdisciplinary work with the Eighth Grade Music and Art Courses taught by by colleagues), 6) Modern Drama: Brecht, Brooke, and Broadway, 7) Character Improvisation on Health Topics (interdisciplinary work with the Eighth Grade P.E./Health course taught by a colleague), and 8) Acting Reflections: Purpose, Product, and Process.


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