“I am a teacher dedicated to the advancement of education and the arts; my approach is student centered and focused on empowerment. Through respect for each artistic and educational process, one can gain confidence in the final product.”

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Theatre Arts, IGCSE English and History, Middle School and High School Teaching Staff (International School of Morocco): IB/ DP Program Development  – UK Theatre Arts – IGCSE English Literature and History – NSDA Speech and Debate (Year 7 – 10) – Chair, Academic Integrity

Drama Department Head, Faculty of the Year (Explorer West Middle School): Teacher of the Year (ACT Theatre, Young Playwrites Program)- 13 years of experience (Middle School Focus, K-12 inclusive) – Award Winning Students

EXPERIENCE IN: IB, IGCSE, USA National Arts, UK Curriculum, USA Common Core Standards: Theatre Arts / Drama, English Language Arts, and Social Studies