Collaboration in Education

I am proud of my collaborative approach to education. In my career as an educator I have created multiple cross-curricular collaborations within the school and many external collaborations with agencies outside of the school. Current collaborations that are incorporated in my lesson sequence this year are between Health and Drama (a long-form improvisation project where students research characters associated with health topics, such as alcoholism and suicide, and interact with each other addressing the health topics), History and Drama (creating videocasts for a research project), English and Drama (reading a novel and then performing the play version of that novel), Art and Drama (creating puppets for puppet theatre), Art and History (Ancient Egyptian Art and Egyptian Civilization), Latin and History (The fall and rise of Rome in the context of the language). My external collaborations, in this year alone, include working with two movie companies to create a professional short film with my students and integrating the Young Playwriting Program from ACT Theatre in my seventh grade class.


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