Class Expectations

Expectations Overview

Learning Target: To understand and demonstrate class expectations.

Maintain a classroom of respect.

Everyone must show respect for:

  • themselves.
  • each other.
  • the space.


Students are expected to give their fullest effort every day they are in class. This is one way to show respect for yourself. Another common way to show respect for yourself is to accept your current challenges (academic or social) and work to improve those areas. Respecting yourself means accepting that you experience the human condition. We are all imperfect. We can all change for the better.



Students that disrupt the learning of another student because they are not giving respect, do not get to participate in class. They will receive a verbal warning on the first instance and then be sent out of class on the second. The incident will be written up by both the teacher and the student, signed by each and addressed at a later date in a way that is fair for everyone. If this process is not agreeable to you, please see the Dean of Students.


General Classroom:

This is a general description of how to respect the space in the drama room. Students are expected to leave the room as they found it OR BETTER. Desks should remain in their proper places. Chairs should remain in their locations (as labeled). Props and costumes should remain un-touched. Students should take all of their things with them at the end of each class AND during class all student stuff (backpacks and all the rest) should be under or on the student desks. Students should not keep their things in the room, unless they have drama as their next class. Students have no reason, even to get a page from the printer, to enter the teacher desk area.


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