ISTE5: Arts Teachers Connected By Technology

ISTE Standard 5 states that educators should always improve their teaching through lifelong learning, participating in global learning communities, and reflect on the learning of their students through applications of technology.

How can one demonstrate a continual development and improvement in one’s teaching practice, model lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in you’re the school and professional community through the effective use of digital tools and resources?

What resources and tools exist for arts professionals to connect through digital networks so that they can participate in local and global learning opportunities and exhibit leadership in an arts curriculum that integrates technology?

There are many groups geared toward teachers of the arts. Many of these groups can be found on Google+ Communities (Arts Education and Google Art Projects are two such groups). There are also arts education discussion boards on LinkedIn that have proven to be highly valuable (Arts in Technology is one such group). However, arts teachers are not known for their technological resources. The arts are more about human and in-person connections. Teachers in the arts must re-train how they connect with each other. One resource to do just that is Learn North Carolina ( This page takes the user, step-by-step, from the in-person conference meeting to building an online PLC. It is not exclusive to teachers in the arts. This resource is valuable for any educator that wants to build a PLC from scratch. Teachers that have been in the field for many years or who have been reluctant to adapt new ways of connecting with other educators may need to receive professional development just to embark into the world of digital networking. Social media and networks can be an essential part in todays workforce to provide educators with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom of today (Transforming American Education, 2010).

Another potential resource is Edutopia. Heather German posited that can provide discipline specific resources and connect educators from across the globe. This is a valuable resource for educators in marginalized disciplines such as the arts.


Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology. (2010, January 1). Retrieved March 11, 2015, from

Author: David Orace Kelly

International Teacher - Arts and Education Leader

3 thoughts on “ISTE5: Arts Teachers Connected By Technology”

  1. I enjoyed browsing through the Learn North Carolina website. Thank you for posting, it is very helpful for guiding teachers in online community participation.

  2. David – Building a PLC from scratch is an interesting idea – especially for educators that are in content areas where there might not be many others close by. I am specifically thinking of art and drama teachers that live in remote locations. I attend PLC meetings currently, and have gotten a lot out of the meetings. It’s great to know that that is also an option for teachers that can only do it online.

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