Play Review Lesson

Learning Target: To identify characteristics of a play by defining terms and analyze how they function in a work.

Watch the video here, take notes, and then discuss in groups:

After the video take this “test” if you do not have time in class this is homework.

Literature Review List One

Learning Target: To perform, by reading out loud, one (or two) one act plays.

In this lesson, students access a student authored play through Google Docs and read the play aloud as a class. After reading the play, students analyze the text by asking questions such as:

– What was an engaging part of the play?

– Were there any parts that did not make sense?

– Do you think this play is school appropriate?

Summary of Literature 

Learning Target: To synthesize the plays read and analyze the plays for a school production in the one act play festival.

Casting Survey

Learning Target: To identify strengths, challenges, opportunities for growth, and preferences for casting in the one act play.

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