David Orace Kelly

My family is an international one. I want to raise my two children with an international mindset. Formerly rooted in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, we now live internationally to learn more about the world and develop ourselves.

Prior to a career in education, I was a professional juggler; I performed at street fairs and festivals, private and corporate parties, and many other special events. At the height of my career, I auditioned for Cirque du Soleil and became a Cirque Certified Artist. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in performance from Naropa University, a Master of Fine Arts in Arts Leadership from Seattle University, and a Master of Arts in Teaching at Seattle Pacific University, where I am served as adjunct faculty in the school of education.

The child of two lawyers, I love a good debate. But, I want to take the debate away from the table and put my values into action. I am passionate about the world and want to make a positive change in the community around me. The best way I can do that is through arts education. I believe in the power that the arts have – to enhance creative capacity, to serve as a mirror and a forecast for society, to develop civic and community engagement, and to foster confidence in the individual. Learn more about my experience in education.

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