David Orace Kelly

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For more than the past decade I have worked in education. First, as a director and choreographer for a youth theatre pre-professional training company. Second, as the Drama Department Head at Explorer West Middle School in Seattle, WA. After ten years of teaching in private school education, building a program, and being named teacher of the year, I decided to take on the the same challenge that I would continually give my students. Keep challenging yourself and growing. For me, this meant that I left my classroom of ten years and exchanged it for a challenging and rewarding position building the secondary education program at the International School of Morocco.

Prior to a career in education, I was a professional juggler; I performed at street fairs and festivals, private and corporate parties, and many other special events. At the height of my career, I auditioned for Cirque du Soleil and became a Cirque Certified Artist (essentially waiting on their casting shelves for a director to need a juggler like myself).

The child of two lawyers, I love a good debate. But, I want to take the debate away from the table and put my values into action. I am passionate about the world and want to make a positive change in the community around me. The best way I can do that is through arts education. I believe in the power that the arts have – to enhance creative capacity, to serve as a mirror and a forecast for society, to develop civic and community engagement, and to foster confidence in the individual.